Waitaha - Frequently Asked Questions.

Westpower believes the Scheme will greatly benefit the community and we want to help everyone understand why this project must go ahead. Read through the frequently asked questions to find out more.

How is the request for concession reconsideration different from the original concession application submitted in 2016?
What is the planned output of the hydro plant as proposed? How does that compare to the current and future electricity generation and usage on the West Coast?
How will this Scheme benefit economic growth in the region? Has Westpower looked at future growth in the region?
When the transmission lines into the Coast are down, does locally generated power keep electricity on? Will Waitaha do this?
Will there be a reduction in power bills? How will fewer transmission losses be reflected in the electricity bill?
Will power be fed into the National Grid? Would Westpower export electricity?
Will the Waitaha Hydro Scheme have the same design as Amethyst Hydro?
What will the environmental impact be?
How much water is expected to be taken?
What minimum flow levels will be retained in the river?
What are the flows in the Waitaha River?
How much pristine and wild West Coast land is going to be flooded by the lake?
At what locations will water be taken from the river and subsequently returned?
What kind of peripheral infrastructure/earthworks will be temporarily built in order for the weir to be constructed?
Will there be a road built to the top of Morgan Gorge? If so, will it be a public road, and continue to be maintained after construction?
What kind of mitigation measures are proposed to kayakers/hunters/hot springs visitors, and other current users of the natural valley?
How much investigation has been carried out regarding slope stability of surrounding hills and the chances of a large-scale landslide overwhelming the scheme?
What is the proposed life of the scheme? What if the scheme is decommissioned, will the river return to its natural course?
When is the proposed project likely to be completed?
Will there be public consultation?

Stay informed

We will be providing more information in the weeks and months ahead.

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