Meet the Consulting Team

The ElectroNet team comes from a diverse range of professional and personal backgrounds - it’s one of the things that makes us great. No matter which level of the business and which business unit, we all share a common goal: better design through collaboration and innovation.

Brad Rooney
General Manager

Brad Rooney is the General Manager. Brad leads the team with a focus on customers, technical quality and commercial relationships. Brad is a chartered professional engineer with extensive experience in the transmission and distribution industry within New Zealand and Australia, where he has previously held technical and business development roles.

His experience in design provides a foundation of technical knowledge and his previous role as Business Development Leader has led to a customer centric approach.

Jon Bright
Delivery Manager

Jon is ElectroNet Consulting's Delivery Manager.  He is responsible for our team of dedicated project managers and the development of project management services for internal and external clients.  Services provided include project and contract management, engineer-to-contract services, and tender and construction management.

Jon is PMP qualified and has over 10 years’ experience in the electricity transmission industry, leading large, multi-disciplinary project teams on complex and sensitive engineering projects.  He also has experience in contract negotiation, property rights and procurement. More recently, Jon has been involved in delivering end to end projects – from concept to construction and commissioning.

Kieran Kennedy
Business Development Leader, Principal Engineer

Kieran is our Business Development Leader, as well as a Principal Power Engineer. Kieran leads the team responsible for growing the ElectroNet business, and building and maintaining relationships with our clients. He is a client centric, skilled relationship manager, who strives to provide clients with optimal results. He drives customer engagement, continuous improvement and efficiency, aiming to deliver projects that exceed expectations.

Kieran has thirteen years’ experience in the transmission industry, being involved since graduating from University in 2007.  Initially specialising in power system earthing (both design and testing), Kieran has an extensive earthing knowledge and has presented on earthing related topics across New Zealand, Australia and the United States. From 2011, Kieran became primarily involved with high voltage primary substation design, particularly indoor 33 kV switchgear, primary indoor to outdoor interfacing design, switchroom building design, HV cabling design, and construction support. Kieran has also gained considerable knowledge of 33 kV busbar, feeder, bus section and supply transformer protection requirements, as well as RTU upgrades.

Valerie Lang
Personal Assistant & Office Manager

Valerie is the Personal Assistant to the General Manager at ElectroNet and a member of the senior management team. She is responsible for facilities management for our three corporate offices and leads our administration team.

Valerie has worked in the electricity industry for over 25 years and in 2017 was the winner of the AAPNZ New Zealand Administrative Professional of the Year Award.

Eliza Chung
Draughting Market Leader, Design Draughtsperson

Eliza joined ElectroNet in 2014 and is responsible for leading our Draughting team, collaborating with our Engineers to create quality CAD drawings for projects across generation, transmission and distribution in the power industry. She has a background in Electrical Engineering and is also a qualified Draughtsperson with a Graduate Diploma in CAD. With the combination of her engineering knowledge and draughting skills, she is able to produce quality drawings while achieving high efficiency.

Eliza’s area of expertise includes substation designs and draughting, 3D modelling, point clouds, protection design and project management. She enjoys working closely with the team to find innovative ways to produce CAD drawings more efficiently or having the visualisation of the drawings to enhance the design, making it more informative during concept or design stages of the projects.

Chris Waite
Generation Market Leader, Principal Consultant ‍

Chris has over 25 years of international experience in the electricity industry across distribution, transmission and generation projects. Chris joined ElectroNet Ltd in 2013, before that working for Alstom in Australia and the USA where he was involved in turnkey substation design projects. This work involved the design, build and commissioning of substation plant and systems at voltages ranging from 11kV up to 500kV.

Chris has extensive site experience which means he has a practical, hands-on understanding of the construction and commissioning stages of projects. This enables Chris to complete and review design work from a whole project viewpoint, providing the best outcomes for our clients.

Michael Newton
Transmission Market Leader, Principal Engineer

Michael entered the transmission industry in 2009 and has experience in both the UK and NZ.

He has focused on project engineering and has been the technical lead on numerous substation projects, on both the client and consultant sides.

Michael has a strong primary engineering base and has continued to broaden his technical expertise into secondary design and project management.

Michael’s recent projects include leading the design of two of Auckland’s 33kV switchboard conversions and leading a 220kV bus zone protection replacement design.

He has also investigated and supported the design of several other switchboard and protection replacements throughout the country.

Michael became the Transpower Market Leader in 2020 where he is responsible for managing the staff involved with all of ElectroNet's transmission design portfolios and managing the relationship with Transpower.

Michael has also published three papers for the EEA.

Rebecca Marx
Distribution Market Leader

Rebecca has been involved in the Electric Power Industry since graduating from University in late 2009. Her experience includes protection and operational support, secondary circuit design, protection settings, Power Factory modelling, on-site support for 11 kV switchgear installations, investigation and documentation of solution study reports, production of cost estimates and project management.

As a testament to her technical skills, leadership and industry involvement, Rebecca was named the 2018 EEA Young Engineer of the year. Along with her role at ElectroNet, she is a Futureintech Ambassador, former Chairperson of CIGRE NZ and founding Chairperson of CIGRE NZ NGN (a young members group of CIGRE).

In 2015 Rebecca presented at the CIGRE Women in Engineering Forum which was held in conjunction with the CIGRE SC B5 colloquium in Nanjing, China. She won the IET best presentation prize at the 2017 EEA conference and was co-chair of the organising committee for the CIGRE Auckland 2017 International Conference which hosted more than 230 international delegates from over 35 countries. Most recently she was co-chair of the EEA APEX forum for 2020.

Logan Clarke
Power Systems Analysis Market Leader, Senior Engineer

Logan is a seasoned member of the ElectroNet team, having joined in 2019. As a Senior Engineer and Market Leader for our Power System Analysis Team, Logan brings a wealth of experience to the table. His journey began with a focus on secondary and protection systems for transmission networks in New Zealand, gradually transitioning into a leadership role overseeing the Power System Analysis team.

In his current capacity, Logan's primary focus lies in fostering strong client relationships to deliver optimal grid connection solutions. He also plays a pivotal role in managing internal projects, ensuring the delivery of high-quality outputs. Leading a team of 10 engineers, Logan is dedicated to nurturing talent and driving excellence across projects spanning New Zealand and Australia.

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of power systems and a commitment to delivering results, Logan is instrumental in driving ElectroNet's success in the power industry.

Torry Hanson
Electrical Safety Market Leader, Senior Engineer

Torry leads the Electrical Safety team at ElectroNet and is a chartered professional engineer (CPEng, CMEngNZ).

Torry comes from a strong background in earthing design and testing, where he has personally tested over 100 sites across New Zealand and Australia. He enjoys creating awareness on earthing related topics, having presented at several conferences throughout Australasia.

In later years, Torry has transitioned into working more on the primary and secondary design aspects of large projects. Torry uses his background to offer a unique perspective on these projects, to ensure the design caters for the electrical safety of site staff and the public. The projects in this regard have been varied, right from new binary cycle geothermal power stations, through to electrification projects for high carbon producers.

Torry is passionate about working with clients, to better understand their needs, and to ensure the delivery of a quality product or solution that is fit for purpose.

Ben Dobson
Transmission Team Leader, Senior Engineer

Ben is a Senior Engineer and Team Leader in the Transmission team, leading a team of protection setting engineers. He has been working in New Zealand’s power industry since 2014.

Ben is heavily involved in secondary and SCADA design for the Transmission system. His current focus is on Outdoor-Indoor (ODID) conversions and protection replacements. Ben has been fortunate enough to work on multiple conversion upgrades in a lead secondary designer role and has recently moved to a review capacity.

Ben is heavily involved with Automation and has developed entire automated design drawings in AutoCAD for multiple projects. To facilitate this further, he has been back to university to complete an undergraduate computer science paper on Machine Learning algorithms. Ben finds designing in the electricity industry an invigorating career and one that challenges him every day. The electricity industry has a great opportunity at present to lead society into a new era with a focus on innovation and smart technologies which all leads to an exciting outlook ahead.

Karl Schicker
Power Systems Analysis Team Leader, Senior Engineer

Karl is a chartered professional senior engineer with 12 years of experience in the power industry since graduating from the University of Canterbury in 2009. He has worked for a generation company at both Hydro and Thermal sites. This has included transformer installation and commissioning, excitation system design, installation and commissioning. The design of are placement battery bank and arc flash hazard analysis.

Karl is the team leader of the Power Systems Analysis (PSA)team. His PSA projects have included Island microgrid systems and NZ connection studies; carrying out steady state, RMS and protection studies for clients installing new PV and BESS systems. Generation projects have included two400 V switchboard replacement projects involving secondary design of protection, PLC and Protection Replacements, and transformer specifications for windfarms.

Maulik Patel
North Island Distribution Team Leader, Principal Engineer

Maulik is a Chartered Principal Engineer who has been practicing in the field of HV substation design throughout NZ and Australia since joining MEL in 2013. He has been involved in wide range of projects which include large substation upgrades for Transpower as well as local and international utilities, wind farm projects, HV cable installations, on site testing and providing construction support.

He specialises in the field of secondary systems design and HV cable modelling but has the necessary knowledge to interface with other disciplines such as protection, SCADA, communications and primary systems.

Maulik is a team leader of our North Island Distribution team based out of Wellington and has strong project management skills as well as excellent communication skills.

Stuart McGirr
Electrical Safety Heavy Industry Team Leader, Senior Engineer

Stuart joined ElectroNet in 2012, graduating from Canterbury University the year earlier. Initially specialising in earth grid injection testing and design, Stuart has since expanded his knowledge in low frequency induction studies, arc flash analysis, protection coordination and project management, working with various clients in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Europe.

Through his career he has completed two stints in the UK, both times working for separate electrical consultancy companies. The first two-year stint was based in Glasgow and the other three-year stint based in London. Upon returning to New Zealand in 2020, he recommenced employment with ElectroNet, becoming a Team Leader in the Electrical Safety team. His main focus is with clients within the Heavy Industry space.

Wilhelm Bisschoff
Transmission Team Leader, Senior Engineer

Wilhelm is a Senior Engineer and Team Lead within the Transmission Team. Wilhelm is responsible for primary and secondary designs of key Transpower Outdoor to Indoor Conversion and volumetric projects across New Zealand. Wilhelm joined ElectroNet in 2018 and has been working in the power industry since graduating in 2014. Initially working in power distribution and primary substation design, Wilhelm has since taken on projects in secondary design and software development.

Wilhelm’s portfolio of past projects includes primary and secondary designs as part of the Transpower 33 kV Outdoor to Indoor Conversion portfolio, HV instrument transformer replacements and multiple line and transformer protection upgrades for transmission and generation clients.

Hayden Nikolajenko
Principal Consultant

Hayden is a Principal Consultant in our Transmission Team. As a Principal Consultant, Hayden is responsible for ensuring a consistent, high quality service is delivered to clients. He is responsible for creating and maintaining quality assurance procedures and protection templates. Hayden is also involved with mentoring younger staff and internal auditing.

Hayden has 17 years’ experience in the power industry, both in New Zealand and the UK. His expertise is in the fields of protection and control; and commissioning procedures at both distribution and transmission level.

Part of the ElectroNet team since February 2013, Hayden has been deployed on a number of Transpower projects. This includes a secondment into Transpower’s Protection and Automation (P&A) Team for 16 months to provide project and operational support.

Hayden has also fulfilled the role of Lead Protection Engineer on several of Transpower’s 33 kV outdoor to indoor conversion projects and Transpower’s RCP2 transformer replacement programme. On both projects he provided expert advice and produced settings reports and protection settings for all project phases.

Matt Gazzard
Principal Consultant

Matt is a Chartered Principal Consultant in our Distribution Team, with over 20 years’ experience in the distribution and transmission industry in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Matt has worked with multiple consultancy companies leading the delivery of major substations design and design, build projects for many customers. Matt has held a variety of roles giving him a deep understanding of business systems and needs.

Since returning to NZ, Matt leads our major multidiscipline design and design, build, deliver projects. Matt is passionate about understanding the customers’ needs and providing clear and honest advice so they can make informed decisions. Matt has a strong commercial awareness of the electricity industry and develops out of the box innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customer. Matt can successfully negotiate the connection of large utilities or renewable generation to existing electricity networks. Matt is excited to be a leader of transformation of the NZ power system to be 100% renewable, sustainable and carbon neutral.

Paul Vaughan
Principal Consultant

Paul is a Principal Consultant in the Generation team, with over 25 years’ experience in the power industry, including hydro power engineering experience in both New Zealand and Australia. He has acted in both consultancy and asset owner roles and thereby appreciates client needs for maintainability and life cycle cost optimisation.

Specialties include design and specification of hydroelectric protection & control systems, strategic engineering assessment and asset management of generating assets and construction support, including commissioning services for protection & control systems.

Tas Scott
Principal Consultant

Tas is an electrical engineer with over 45 years’ experience in the electricity industry as a design engineer, project manager corporate manager and industry body governance leader. Tas initially worked as an engineer with the  NZED on earthing systems research, substation construction and power station maintenance and design.

He then joined the Canterbury Distribution Sector initially with the CCEPB, designing and commissioning NER’s and implementing SCADA designs.

Tas progressed steadily, becoming the Chief Engineer of the Christchurch MED then General Manager Network Services and  General Manager of Network Development at Orion, General Manager of Asset Management at WEL Networks and was elected the President of the Electricity Engineers’ Association executive committee from 1993 – 1997.

Tas is a fellow of Engineers New Zealand and a Member of the Institute of Directors and a Life Member of the EEA NZ. He was awarded the EEA Meritorious Service award for services to the Electricity Supply Industry in 2012.

Tas joined ElectroNet Ltd in 2014, and based on his diverse experience in the distribution sector  has provided  a range of strategic high level advice in areas such as  quality of asset management planning, risk and maintenance practice to Line Companies, and particularly in the area of emergency preparedness  and resilience maturity reviews.

Other areas of expertise include resonant earthing and the application of Ground fault Neutralizers and  also the applications of smart metering devices to monitor network condition and status.

Philip Boys
Principal Consultant

Philip is a Fellow of Engineering New Zealand, and is a Chartered Professional Engineer (Electrical). Philip has over twenty-five years’ experience in the transmission industry, being involved since graduating from University in 1995.  Philip has an extensive earthing knowledge and has presented on earthing related topics across New Zealand and Australia.

In 2016 Philip’s presentation won the Best Paper (Member) award at the EEA Conference. Philip also has significant experience in Lightning Protection and Substation Design, including primary and secondary design

JA Hoogenboezem
Project Director, Principal Engineer

JA joined our Auckland team in 2019. After graduating in 2004 he started a construction project management position and went on to gain industry experience in the transmission and distribution industry from both utility, EPC contractor and switchgear OEM perspectives.

JA’s experience includes substation primary design, switchgear design & manufacture, multi-disciplinary projects in the industrial plant environment, construction and EPC project management. In addition, JA has experience in ISO systems implementation and general engineering management as senior accountable manager in an emerging switchgear OEM.

JA has an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering, is registered as a Project Management Professional with PMI and was also formerly registered as a Professional Construction Project Manager with SACPCMP.

Morgan Muller
Generation Project Director, Senior Engineer

Morgan is the Project Director for the Engineering Team within ElectroNet, overseeing project performance of the team’s projects. Morgan joined ElectroNet at the start of 2019. Following graduation in 2015 at the University of Stellenbosch, Morgan worked for Cummins Power Systems, and spent some time working with industrial sized turnkey PV systems.

Since joining ElectroNet, Morgan has been involved in most disciplines within the Generation Team. Morgan’s focus has however been on protection systems. Morgan completed the AFNOR Premier Power System Protection course, and has been involved in numerous protection reviews replacements, and new protection designs for both generators, transformers, and in some cases transmission line protection for generation asset owners.

Morgan has also spent a fair share of time doing control systems of hydro stations, designing and commissioning the control system for Southern Generation’s Matiri Hydro Station in 2020, and continuing with control systems projects from time to time.

Morgan is a Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineering New Zealand since 2021.


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