Electrical Safety

Ensuring the safety of the wider electrical industry. ‍ No matter which industry you operate in, our Electrical Safety team has the experience, knowledge and technologies to ensure that your employees are well-protected and that your Electrical Safety obligations are met.

ElectroNet is well-known for our earthing systems design and testing capabilities, and is proud of our longstanding reputation for excellence. This expertise continues through our range of Electrical Safety services. We can assess existing infrastructure, provide hazard management advice and modelling, and manage the refurbishment or upgrade of your existing system.

Our Electrical Safety team is involved in almost every ElectroNet project; safety is an integral part of the work we do and we are proud to support Australasian businesses in meeting the highest safety standards. We enjoy getting out in the field and meeting our clients and we are often found on site, carrying out condition assessments as part of the design process, or testing prior to livening.

Electrical Safety services include:

Desktop Review, Design and Modelling

  • Modelling in specialist CDEGS earthing software
  • Greenfield earth grid design and layouts for substations, power stations, transmission/distribution lines, and industrial sites
  • Brownfield safety reviews of existing earthing systems and design extensions
  • Detailed earthing design, including equipment connections, conductor sizing and installation requirements
  • Establishment and review of earthing design and installation standards
  • Safety in Design process assessments
  • Conceptual and detailed lightning protection system design, including shielding modelling
  • Electric and magnetic field (EMF) modelling
  • Low frequency induction (LFI) review
  • Expert witness
  • Specialist advisory
  • Earthing and cathodic protection coordination
  • Cable screen bonding configuration, including earth potential rise (EPR) mitigation for cross bonding scenarios

On Site Safety Auditing

Condition assessments of earthing and lightning systems, including:

  • Buried conductor and joint inspections
  • Primary plant earth connection inspections
  • Substation surface inspections
  • Assessment of existing touch and step voltage safety mitigation

Earthing system current injection testing including:

  • Earth grid and system impedance
  • Earth grid voltage rise
  • Earth potential rise
  • Step, touch and transferred voltages
  • Telecommunications-related voltage contours
  • Current splits
  • Tower footing impedance
  • Low frequency induction (LFI) testing
  • Electrical soil resistivity measurement and analysis
  • Earth connection continuity measurements
  • Electric and magnetic field (EMF) testing

Arc Flash

  • On site inspections for data collation, including familiarising with accessible locations and appreciation for equipment interactions
  • System modelling in specialist DIgSILENT PowerFactory or ETAP
  • Arc flash hazard analysis according to IEEE Std 1584
  • Risk assessments based on hazard analysis outcomes, equipment conditions and operational considerations
  • Recommended mitigation strategies, with consideration of the hierarchy of control measures
  • HV and LV protection scheme design
  • Automatic generation of reports, printing of labels, and creation of signage, for fast identification of hazards on site

Workshops and Education

  • General earthing and arc flash knowledge sharing presentations and formal workshops
  • Equipment and testing method demonstrations for installation and testing contractors as well as asset engineers
  • Leadership at industry level through involvement in guide development and good practice panels


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