Design Draughting

Our draughting team are the CAD experts within ElectroNet, remaining up to date on the latest technology and best industry practice. They support our internal project teams by governing the preparation of the technical drawings, ensuring a quality product is delivered to our customers.

We also offer a design draughting service directly to our customers, where their preference is to produce the design philosophy themselves and have our expert draughting team prepare their drawings for construction. We can also do this retrospectively after construction, providing an as-building service by either surveying the site ourselves, or from provided site photos, or more commonly from site mark-ups and sketches.

We have BIM (Building Information Modelling) expertise which allows us to realise the benefits of digital twins within common working environments, to facilitate unparalleled collaboration between all stakeholders during projects, de-risk construction and maintenance activities, and provide ease of access to information.

We provide a LiDAR scanning and digitalisation service as part of our site surveying offering. Utilising the latest products available on the market, we provide our clients with an accurate account of what is currently on-site by capturing a point cloud and converting this into geometric shapes, known as site digitalisation. This can greatly de-risk a design project where the as-built drawings are not accurate or non-existent, or can assist with planning maintenance activities, training and confirming compliance.

Culminating our expertise, we are able to create virtual reality environments for our customers to facilitate training modules or visualisation for assessing project outcomes. These innovative projects have allowed our customers to realise all the benefits of a full safety site tour, with none of the risks. We are proud that our work in this area led to us being awarded the EEA Workplace Safety award in 2018.


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