We have dedicated protection specialists across all facets of the power industry, from generation to transmission, distribution and LV building services. This sets us apart, as we understand that each facet has unique challenges, and we are up to date on the latest technologies available to solve these. It also allows us to work across all utilities for a given project, taking on the liaison role and ensuring the best overall outcome.

We have developed standard designs for our clients, setting the bar for what an optimised protection system looks like. We adapt, and provide designs that are tailored to your needs.

We offer the complete service, from deriving the protection settings to preparing the relay setting files. We are familiar with all major relay manufacturers. Utilising our in-house test racks, we are able to test the schemes we are designing, prior to commissioning on-site. We also offer on-site commissioning support.

In particular, our expertise covers:

  • Power system modelling and fault studies
  • Protection coordination studies and calculations
  • Protection scheme and secondary system design
  • Generation grid connection reports
  • Upgrading of existing protection systems
  • Protection of complex transmission circuits
  • Protection of complex ring feeders
  • Protection of transformers, including complex 3-winding and multiple incomer transformers
  • Protection of capacitor banks
  • Overcurrent, distance and differential protection
  • Load Shedding
  • Auto-Reclosing
  • Unit Protection, including busbar protection
  • CBFail protection
  • Arc flash protection for new and existing installations
  • 400V CB and fuse grading
  • Incident/maloperation investigation and reporting
  • Protection relay, CT and VT specification
  • IEC61850 GOOSE based schemes
  • Protection relay interfacing to SCADA
  • Protection scheme testing
  • On-site commissioning support
  • Review of protection site test results


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